History of the movement

#BlackLivesMatter is a social media movement that seeks to address the issue of black’s killings in the society by police. The movement involves pictures, videos, and statements from people of races condemning violence perpetrated by the police to the blacks in the society. The movement also seeks to address political, social, and economic issues affecting blacks in the society to ensure equity and justice (Johnson.). However, the group has been criticized for encouraging violence since the members attack police after a shooting incidence involving a black individual. The movement addresses the daily issues affecting blacks and ways the justice system is designed against the African-Americans in the community. #BlackLivesMatter organizes demonstrations to seek address and raise their concern on police harassment and brutality (Taylor 231). Their ideas are promoted through various shooting instances involving a black individual and the police. The movement seeks to show why there is no justice in America and attract political involvement from those in power to ensure the blacks are protected from police brutality.

What Started it and Why?

The movement started on social media in 2013 after George Zimmerman was acquitted of killing a black teenager. The black community became outraged since they felt that there was no justice for the death of the teenager. Many people expected that the police would be jailed for the shooting, but this did not happen. The movement grew in 2014 after two African-American teenagers were shot by the police. This led to riots and demonstration seeking address from the political class (Lowery 218). The movement was started by Opal Tometi, Alicia Garza, and Patrisse Cullors to show what is happening in the society. The movement has participated in various demonstrations after police killing involving black individual (Taylor 210). They seek to gain global attention by letting people share their experience with police in the society.

The Originator

Opal Tometi, Alicia Garza, and Patrisse started the movement on social media to attract people’s attention on the issue of police brutality against the blacks. The movement was informed by the facts that most of the people in prison are blacks. In addition, most of the police shooting involve armed black teenagers due to the stereotype in the society. The movement has also been joined by Seattle Black Lives Matter to ensure they address the issues affecting the African-American and other blacks in European Countries. The movement is not well structured which leads to confusion in the society since they do not have a specific leader. In addition, the movement encourages violence against the police force as a way of restricting their harassment (Taylor 7). The movement gained more social influence in Ferguson protest in 2014 after the shooting of Brown by the police.

Summarize the Purpose

            #BlackLivesMatter serves various factions in the society relating to civil rights of the black individuals in the community. The first objective of the movement is to stop the police shooting of innocent black people by addressing the stereotype in the community. The police have stopped and searched more black people than other races in the society due to the belief that they are prone to committing crimes. Furthermore, the police claim that they shot the victim because they thought he or she was armed with a dangerous weapon. However, the movement had protested against this view by citing different scenario involving other races where the police did not shoot even when they were armed (Lowery 76). The movement also seeks justice for those killed by the police by seeking prosecution of the police officers involved. They achieve this through demonstration to pressure the prosecutor to take up the case and ensure justice prevails. In most cases, where the police have used excessive force to subdue an individual leading to death or permanent injury, the group seeks compensation from the police department and prosecution of the officer involved (Taylor 112).

The group also engages in direct confrontation in the society to make others realize their concern and the need to address the issues they represent. The movement has also developed websites where people can report police harassment and share their stories to ensure solidarity. To achieve their goal the group uses celebrities to communicate their ideas since they have a major influence in the society (Lowery 29). The group also seeks to address the issue of racism in the society and show the world how it has affected the American community. Those affected by police brutality receive support from other members of the society to ensure that they receive justice and they get moral support. The movement also has political agenda where they propose the leader who they should support in an election to ensure their rights are protected. They ask members to vote for a candidate who will institute change in the police force to stop the shooting of innocent black teenagers in the society by the police (Johnson.). The movement also seeks to improve the quality of life for the blacks in the society through jobs and equal treatment.

Chronicle the high points

The social media movement contains information, images, and videos of people complaining about the police brutality. Most of the African-Americans in the society address the issues with the police force by using the social media movement. Furthermore, the movement plans its demonstration through the social media platform where the black community is asked to join the protest to ensure justice is served. The movement has achieved a lot through demonstration and the social media since it has established the crimes perpetrated by the police to the black people (Lowery 211). However, many people have criticized the movement since it seeks to protect the lives of the blacks only rather than other individuals in the society. In addition, the violence against the police who protect the society has been criticized since the group does not recognize the efforts made by the police force to ensure the society is safe (Wu).

Influence and Impact

Before the social movement was started in, 2013 people around the world were not aware of the shootings of blacks by the police in American society. However, the formation of the movement led to massive changes since it addressed the issues affecting a specific race in America (Taylor 14). The group demonstrations and their endeavor for justice for those who have lost their lives at the hands of the police have led to various changes in the police sector. The movement has created a spirit of solidarity among the African-American since most of them have been affected by police harassment due to the stereotype in the police force. The movement also has a major impact in the political arena since they have a huge following and they can determine whom they want to support in an election. The group has also managed to show the level of inequality in the society despite the legal reforms made in America (Lowery 119). Many individuals on social media are talking about the issue, which makes the movement to trend on Twitter and Facebook hence increasing its coverage in the society.

#BlackLivesMatter movement matter

#BlackLivesMatter is essential in the society since it enables the African-Americans who are oppressed to share their views in the society. In addition, it helps in creating a team spirit where the members seek address of the problem through demonstration to influence the leaders to solve their issues. The movement has managed to hold demonstrations on various occasions where black individuals have been shot by the police. This has increased the concerns of other people in the society since they have realized that oppression still exists in the society. The movement also helps the family affected to seek justice for the loss of their loved one due to police shooting (Fleetwood 23). It is difficult for individuals to ensure that the police officers involved in a shooting incidence are prosecuted since they are frustrated by the prosecution. However, the movement increases pressure on the prosecutor to ensure those affected are prosecuted.