Woolworths Fresh Product Problem

Every business goal is to ensure it uses its available resources to gain a competitive edge in the industry. To achieve this objective, a business needs to identify all business opportunities and problems affecting its performance. Opportunities are those business environmental factors that can be used to improve an enterprise profits. The following research paper analyzes Woolworths’ chain store to determine any issue that affects the performance of the company and ways it can be solved.

Company Background

Woolworths is a retail chain store in Australia, which was founded in Sydney to offer a range of products to the consumers. The company has over 1000 stores in Australia making it one of the largest firms in the country. The firm started its operations in 1924 as a single store which continued to grow with time to other towns in the country. Woolworths aim is to improve customer satisfaction and trust by being transparent, fair, open, and honest (Arli, Dylke, Burgess Campus & Soldo, 2013). To achieve this goal the firm has developed a robust set of values and ethics to be followed in every store. The values reflect the customers’ needs and expectations in the market. In the last five years, the business profits have been on the rise due to its ability to increase the level of stock turnover. The firm has adopted a growth plan that will enable it to maximize shareholders value, open new stores, increase for food and drinks, and improve customers experience when shopping through innovation. Woolworths’ business plan will ensure that it compete effectively with other retail shops in the country. In addition, the firm managers have adopted a globalization strategy to diversify its market. The firm has adopted the new technology by developing a mobile application that enables customers to view available products and purchase online. This reduces time needed to go to the stores to make a purchase

Problem Description

Despite the good performance of the business, customers have complained about the quality of fresh products sold in some of the business stores. The fresh products include milk, vegetables and other goods that have a limited shelf life. Some customers have raised this issue since some products are sold when expired or about to expire. This means that goods sold do not meet the desired customers’ needs hence affecting their trust on the business products (Hill & Alexander, 2006). Sale of spoiled fresh products has affected the company business since customers are avoiding buying such goods in the company hence affecting the rate of stock turnover in the stores.

The company has faced huge losses since they have to dispose of such products if they are not purchased before the expiry date. In addition, some stores have been forced to stop selling such products since they are making zero sales since customers are avoiding them. This problem is affecting the firms’ growth plan in selling food and drinks (Tennent, 2013). In addition, the firm it is losing its customers for fresh products to its competitors. The research will be useful since I will determine the best approach to solving the problem. This will enable the company to resume its competitive position for fresh products (Arli, Dylke, Burgess Campus & Soldo, 2013). In addition, the firm will gain customers trust for fresh products. The reduction of sales for the fresh product has forced the firm to cancel some of the supplies in the market hence affecting local businesses. If the problem is solved, local businesses will benefit since they resume their supply.

Research Variable

One of the variables in this research is customer’s behavior. This is because each customer has unique factors that motivate him or her to buy or not to buy. The variable will be measured based on the average response of the sample group selected to participate in the study.

Sample selection method

The research will use data from the company and raw data collected from customers’ response. The research will involve a sample group of 50 customers who will be selected randomly. In addition, five business managers in the company will be interviewed to offer insight into the company situation. Customer will be selected based on their shopping needs. This will enable me to determine the customers who seek to buy fresh products in the company (Ketchen & Bergh, 2004). The customers will be offered a questionnaire, which they will be required to fill. Questionnaires are effective when obtaining data from a large sample since it is possible to get the data at the same time. In addition, it saves time compared to interview. Some of the questions in the questionnaire will be open ended while others will be fixed. In areas where more information is needed the sample group will be requested to add more detail (Kumar, 2010). The information collected will be useful when developing a conclusion for the research problem.

Data verification

It is paramount to test the data collected to ensure that the fall under the estimated response. This will be useful when drawing a conclusion or recommendation since wrong data can lead to a wrong conclusion. All data collected from the sample group will be recorded and verified by comparing it to other sample responses and the expected response range developed before the research. The range will be developed based on the literature review of the research issue. Any data collected will be analyzed for consistency and accuracy. This will assist in determining if the information was accurately recorded when transferring it from the source (Kumar, 2010). Any data that is inconsistent will be corrected or removed to ensure that the research outcome is accurate.

Triangulation technique will be used in date verification process. The approach checks the validity of data based on a known phenomena. This technique analyzes theories, sources, investigators, and methods to determine if the data is accurate. For instance, a researcher can compare data collected through interview with that collected through observation (Ketchen & Bergh, 2004). This will be essential since it will enable him or her to determine which areas need to be changed to ensure that the information is in the acceptable variation range.