Research Proposal

Tourism In Nepal And Major Changes In The Sector






Tourism in Nepal and major changes in the sector

  • Research background

Nepal’s economy is supported by the money collected from its tourism sector. The country natural features contribute to the growth of tourism such as Mount Himalayas, which is a major tourist attraction. The country’s mountains provide perfect places for mountaineers to practice their adventure (Upadhayaya, 2013 p.13). In addition, the cultural heritage of the country contributes to its success in the tourism sector. The diverse culture in the country with backgrounds on Hindu and Buddhist religion contributes to the growth of tourism. The country has world life and bird watching parks where tourist and the locals can enjoy their holidays (Nepal, 2013, p.76). However, due to the earthquake in Nepal, the tourism sector has been affected. The government has suffered a lot due to the reduction of income in the tourism sector (Upadhayaya, 2013 p.13). The research will cover the main reasons why people visit the country and ways it has changed over time. This study is crucial as it informs on the changes in the tourism sector and ways the state can utilize these changes to maximize tourism benefits.

The culture of the people in the country has made them earn a reputation as the safest individuals due to their welcoming nature to foreigners. They are willing to share their culture with the foreigners. In addition, tourists find it easy to travel to the Nepal since getting a visa is easy and cheap (Nepal, 2013, p.76). In addition, visa application process is quick hence the tourist can travel to the country with ease.

  • Research aim

The purpose of this study is to determine the reasons that make people visit Nepal and ways these reasons have changed over time.

  • Research objectives
  1. Determine the changes in the country that affect tourism.
  2. Examine how the changes affect the tourism sector.
  3. Recommend measures to use to control the changes effects on the sector.
  • Data Requirement

To achieve the objectives this research I need qualitative data from the tourism ministry for the last four years to analyze the trend. In addition, I will need data from the major hospitality facilitates in the country to determine if there are any changes in the tourism sector. This information will be useful in determining areas that the tourists visit most and determine if there any changes in their visiting style.

  • Research methodology

I intend to use two basic research methods for the research. The first is through interview. To understand the changes experienced in the tourism sector, it is crucial to interview various hotel managers in major tourist sites such as Chitwan National Park or Bardia National Park. My goal is to interview three of the hotel managers to understand their view on the issue. I will provide online based questionnaires for the tourist which they can fill in their free time. This method will be effective since I will be able to determine why they visited the country and their experiences in the state. Questionnaires are effective since they enable accurate recording of information.


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