Dangerous Minds Movie Analysis

Communication is a complex process since the speaker must ensure that his or her message is well understood by the audience. One’s character plays a vital role in communication process since it determines how the audience behaves. The following discussion analyzes Dangerous Minds movie major character, LouAnne, who is a teacher. It examines the teacher characters to establish ways they positively and negatively affect her communication with students in class.

LouAnne is employed as a teacher at Parchment High school in the city of California. In her first class, she is surprised at the students’ behavior since most of them tough and unwilling to cooperate with her in class possibly because they were from a low-income society. The students nickname her “white bread” due to her lack of authority in class and race. Due to this rejection and lack of authority, she decides to train her students Karate to show them she has control. She uses this strategy to make the students listen and follow instruction. However, when she tries to educate them based on the school’s curriculum they fail to listen and ridicule her. In a desperate move, she decides to use street language, which they were familiar with; this was intended to make the students feel comfortable. In addition, she gave all the students an A grade in the first exams and requested them to maintain the grade.

She is displayed as an individual who is compassionate and willing to go an extra mile to ensure that her students are well educated. Her kindness and understanding of the students’ problems finally changes her students regard about. They end up liking her teaching still and recognize her efforts. This character played a positive role in the students’ life since they understood the need for education and the value of her efforts. Her persistence and endurance ensured that all the students respected her although it took time. In fact, the students appreciated her efforts only when she decided to leave the school since she could not bear the students’ rejection any more. Her lack of authority in class deeply affects her performance since she cannot control her students in class. The students were unwilling to cooperate with her and she failed to assert her authority in class to earn respect from the students. The students easily sway her since she does what they want her to do. She acts desperate to be heard by the pupils, which is a major setback for her. In communication process, the speaker should not act desperate to get the information to his or her audience. Furthermore, a speaker should ensure that the audience respect her since if they do not they will not listen to his or her message. The teacher is also slow to anger. Despite the students’ efforts to frustrate, her efforts to teach them, she keeps on trying new ways while avoiding anger.

In conclusion, LouAnne efforts pay off after the students understand that she want to be involved in their lives to change it. Her lack of anger and patience ensures that the get the results she intended. However, lack of authority in class heavily affects her efforts to change the students’ behavior and delays the achievement of her objective. A speaker should ensure that she has authority over his or her audience for effective communication since the audience will be keen to hear what he or she is talking about in class.