A research Proposal for a Life Cycle Analysis dedicated to Qatar
1- A professional quality report on your sustainability project (see below general format instructions). Your report should be at least ten double-spaced pages in length, not including tables, figures, and references.
2- In your report, be sure to emphasize your key findings, and your unique work.

General Format for the LCA Proposal Project Report
write a research proposal to perform a Life Cycle Analysis for Drinking Water in Qatar or can be applied in Qatar.
1- Prepare a minimum one-page (1P) literature review on LCA applied to the Drinking Water in Qatar or can be applied in Qatar.(1P)
2- Prepare a short overview of the ISO standards scientific literature.
3- Explain how the LCA will be prepared (refer to the standard procedures used in literature) (3P)
a. Identify your functional unit.
b. Explain the different phases to achieve the LCA and how you will tackle them.
c. Identify potential computational tool(s) including databases.
4- Expected outcome of the work, results and findings-if any. (1P)
5- Explain how the LCA, you are preparing, could be useful to Qatar?(1P)
6- Provide references such as papers, books, websites with full bibliography details
7- After your finish the proposal add a one-page reflection on the LCA in general (500-word maximum)(1P)
8- Tables, Figures for further clarify the enforce this LCA proposal (1P)

– Please assign the remaining pages to increase the value of this research paper.

On the 21May: Please provide a draft of the first 1-2 pages on the (literature review on LCA applied and short overview of the ISO standards scientific literature)
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