Analyz the Financial statement of FTSE 250 UK International Indix

FINM036 Assignment 2
Module Assignment Information
My Aim to get Grade “A”.
Please follow the below Instructions;
1- The company should be selected from the FTSE 250 index UK Companies, except the PZ Cussons PLC was previously known as “Paterson Zochonis Public Limited Company”, and “Coca Cola Company”.
2- The Similarity Index is closely to Zero.
3- The research is written in First Time to avoid duplication and plagiarism.
4- The report must have all requirement statements of Charts, Balance statements, Compares from the last year, the Share Daily, monthly& Yearly price, and all other related information’s.
5- References and Charts and other attachments should not account in the words.
The aim of this assignment is to test your knowledge and understanding of key accounting and corporate finance concepts, theories and tools that can be used to critically analyse organisations.
Required: Section A
You are required to select a company quoted on the FTSE 250 index
Introduce the company, about the product or services, location, turnover, number of employees, etc.
You must act as an adviser to an investor and make sure your conclusion is ended up advising the investor.
The report should be maximum2,500 words which covers the following issues for the last five years:
Section A- 1500 words.
1. Identify the Profits, earnings- discuss, the 5 years trend, economic condition, calculate the ratios and interpret the results for 5 years on the financial performance

2. Identify dividends (including a comprehensive ratio analysis). calculate the ratios and interpret the results for 5 years on the financial performance

3. Financial stability and liquidity (including a comprehensive ratio analysis)calculate the ratios and interpret the results for 5 years on the financial performance

Section B
1. Research the webpage for any information about the company’s performance or any news that has an impact on their performance.
2. Then critically have reflection on the company portrayed by journalists and other financial reports, please make sure you reference where you got the information from.

3. An evaluation of the corporate governance of the company. Identify the number Directors what are their role, Non -Executive Directors, what are their role in ghe company , address the combine code

4. Identify the asset value per share and the current market share price and assess whether or not your selected company represents an investment opportunity.

You can use, pro-share and the FT to identify companies within their sectoral classifications.
It is essential that all sources of information are correctly referenced using the Harvard system.

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