Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on summarize this article Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Article Summary The two primary culprits involved in the sale 1200 fake Alberto Giacometti sculptures have been sentenced. Lothar Wilfred Senke, 60 has been sentenced to nine months. The suspected mastermind. Herbert Schutlze has been sentenced to seven years and fourths behind bars. In the February 2010, other defendants were convicted and fined up to two years in prison. The German police have been uncovering new information about the sale of the sculptures. The discovered 150 sculptures that had been sold to German art dealers. The police have discovered an additional 70 fake sculptures since the first discovery (Peterson 1). Mirja Feldman is the prosecutor who tried the case. She believes the production of the fakes has not stopped. It is suspected that the sculptures are made in a foundry in Netherlands. The police have been able to close the foundry, but the owner cannot be prosecuted because he lives outside Bangkok, Thailand.Alberto Giacometti is concerned the fakes will go back to circulation. Therefore, the authorities intend to destroy the majority of the fakes. They hope to convince owners to have them destroyed, or the have the Alberto Giacometti sign removed. The mystery of the Giacometti fakes continues.Why the article is Interesting? The article is interesting because of the way the story has been presented. The writer endeavors to keep the reader interested in reaching the end of the paper. The case of the Giacometti fakes has been presented clearly without any ambiguity. The article is straight to the point, which makes it easy to understand.Works CitedPeterson, Thane. “Giacometti Mystery Continues.” Print.