Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Studio Photography. This paper analyzes the steps or processes, which should be followed by photographers, in order to produce quality images that satisfy their clients’ desires. The process described in this article is consistent with Ray Parslow’s design process. Ray Parslow and his team design logos for companies, including other graphic works for companies and individual clients.Parslow suggests that, proper communication and understanding of the clients, is the most crucial step in studio photography (Galer 128). This always gives the photographers confidences for designing a process that will result in incredible results. The customers’ desires should not be satisfied only at the end of the design process, but it should be long-lived even after the creative process is terminated. The photographers should be capable of providing their clients with a variety of solutions, which are researched, to aid understanding of how the design process will be decided and executed to completion. After selecting a design process, the clients should constantly be involved in the process, so as to address any change that need to be made in the design process. This will give both the photographer and the client an opportunity to solve issues that were not taken into consideration at the onset of the process (Galer 128). Photographers must always ensure the final products delivered to their clients satisfy their needs, and reflects the level of their professionalism in this industry. This will also create a long term relationship between the artist and the client. The timing and service fee of the project should be agreed upon at the onset of the design process. This helps in determining the time and costs required to perform activities such as photography, editing, printing and writing.