Hi, need to submit a 9750 words paper on the topic RHB Credit Card Marketing. Drugan, my project supervisor from The University for guiding me on the project proposal and widen my knowledge to compile the project.Many thanks to Mr. Vellan at RHB Bank Sales and Marketing, Bangsar ,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for sharing vital information and helping me to solve many problems in the process of this project. I would like to convey my special thanks to my family who has always been behind me and without them, I would not be where I am today. Thank You very much. Contents Page1. Introduction 1.1. Objective of the Study.61.2. General Objective61.3. Project Objective.62. Literature Review2.1 Significance of Study..6&amp.72.2 Scope of Study.. 73. Methodology3.1 Research Design83.2 Type of Research83.3 Research Approach. 93.3 Research Strategy93.4 Identification of the Sample Population. 103.5 Sample Technique and Sample Size..104. Findings and Analysis4.1 Classification of Data..104.2 Data Collection Method104.3 Data Analysis.114.4 Limitation of Study..115. RHB Bank and Credit Card Services 5.1 An Overview of Banking Sector in Malaysia12&amp.13 5.2 Company Description – RHB14 – 205.3 Strategic Plan and Focus..21 5.4 Core Competitiveness.22-25 5.5 Product Market Focus26 – 31 5.6 Marketing and Product Objectives5.7 Marketing Program..31 5.7.1 Product Strategy31&amp.32 5.7.2 Pricing Strategy..33&amp.34 5.7.3 Promotion Strategy..34-36 5.7.4 Distribution Strategy.37&amp.38 5.8 Financial Data and Projection 5.8.