I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Hesiods Theogony. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Hesiods ‘theogony’ is a large-scale synthesis of a vast variety of local greek traditions concerning the gods, organized as a narrative that tells how they came to be and how they established permanent control over the cosmos. It is the first Greek mythical cosmogony (Hesiods Theogony, not dated). In my personal view, Hesiod’s theogony manifests the order of the universe according to power and authority between gods and humans. In Greek mythical cosmogony, the origin of the world was chaos, but this state of creation was indefinite. After the second and third generation that was actually the final, gods still made sure that they maintained the power. We can, therefore, conclude that the cosmogony, as well as the theogony, is a representation of the universality of the world. These are representations of the realistic order of the world. According to mythology, the universe has gone several states from generation to generation and yet humans are still considered part of creation that only serve the balance and harmony of creation. We have no authority or power that could surpass the power of the gods. As a whole, humans are the center of balance and harmony in the real world. Human beings have the authority to reestablish the earth or destroy their harmonious existence. This is true even in modern time. The reality of human existence and its role in the universe is made the cosmogony and theogony have theorized. Gods are just myths, but human existence in this world plays a vital role in the orderly state of the universe.