I need some assistance with these assignment. aspects of technology update Thank you in advance for the help! Surprisingly, the technologies that were voted to be on top were 3D being in third place, second place being cloud computing/big data, and the little surprise is where the internet of things scooped position one.However, innovation by the Human Media Lab of Queen’s University, in alliance with Plastic Logic has come up with one of the technologies that will completely transform the world in the future. This product is backed up by the Intel i5 where the research scientist at the Intel Company, Ryan Brotman says that they are actively exploring the user experiences that are disruptive. The project is known as ‘PaperTab’, invented by Plastic Logic and the Human Media Lab of Queen’s University, shows the interactions that are interactive backed by Intel Core processors that could undoubtedly delight the users of tablets in the future (Aneesh, Tarun, Wang, Strohmeier, Girouard, Reilly, and Vertegaal 110).A paper computer that is flexible was developed at Queen’s University in partnership with Intel Labs and Plastic Logic. This paper computer may one day lead to the revolution of the way people carry out their duties using computers and tablets. The technology of flexible electronic paper display was developed by Hewlett-Packard in collaboration with Arizona State University and uses a manufacturing process that was invented by HP Labs known as Self-Aligned Imprint Lithography, abbreviated as SAIL. The screens are made through the layering of stacks of materials and metals that are semi-conductors between plastic sheets that are pliable. The stacks require perfect alignment, and they have to stay that way. There may be some difficulties in the alignment during the time of manufacture since the heat used in the&nbsp.process of manufacture may end up deforming the materials and the manufactured screen also has to remain flexible (Rosato, Dominick, Donald, and Matthew 215).&nbsp.