Select a local company and visit the company’s Web site to find information about that company and to
see how the firm is using the Web. On the basis of this information, analyze the business.
Information on all of the following topics can be found in under the Week by Week module s in study
Include a description of the organization’s features in the following sections:
1 Important business processes
Describe the organization’s important business processes.
2 Structure
Describe the organization’s structure.
3 Environment
Describe the organization’s environment.
4 Business Strategy
Describe the organization’s business strategy.
5 Strategic information systems
Suggest strategic information systems appropriate for that particular business, including those based on
Internet technology.
6 Value chain
Use the value chain to identify the primary and support activities that most directly create value for the
company’s customers.
7 Information systems supporting/improving the value chain
List and describe the information systems that would support or improve the activities identified above,
thus adding value to the chain.
8 Competitive strategy
Select one or more of the basic competitive strategies to deal with the competitive forces, adapting the
strategy to their company.
9 Information systems supporting the competitive strategy
List and describe the information systems that will contribute to their company’s ability to effectively
execute the specific competitive strategies identified.
Deadline Date: 27 May 2016
Please submit this word document via Study Online.
Assessment scheme
No Assessment item weight
1 Important Business Processes 5
2 Structure 5
3 Environment 5
4 Business Strategy 10
5 Strategic Information Systems 10
6 Value chain 10
7 Information systems that support or improve the value chain 15
8 Competitive strategy: adapting the chosen strategies to company 15
9 Information systems that support competitive strategy 15
10 References (APA Style) 10
Total 100
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