Need help with my writing homework on Method, Results, Discussion and Abstract (Pro-Anorexia Websites: Assessing the Impact on Body Image and Self-Esteem in Normal and Susceptible Individuals). Write a 5000 word paper answering; y queries and communicated to me privately a cut-off score so that I could categorize participants into two groups for this study. disturbed and normal.Tami Lempert, I am extremely grateful to Tami, she was my project supervisor. She guided me through the process of designing and carrying out a psychological study. She always gave me constructive criticism and thanks to her I have pushed myself to produce a study I am extremely proud of.This study examined the short-term impact on self-esteem and body image of a single brief exposure to a pro-anorexia website (PAW). Cognitive theory of eating disorders was the main rationale for the study. It was hypothesised that disturbed body schemas increase susceptibility to pro-anorexia websites. 60 young women aged 20-35 were randomly assigned to participate in one of the four experimental conditions. A PAW ‘Thinspiration’ section (images of thin models). a PAW ‘Forum’ section (an open discussion board used by individuals to discuss eating patterns and build affinity networks). a PAW ‘Tips-and-tricks’ section (provides visitors with pieces of advice about how to deceive the diagnostic instruments, description of techniques to kill the appetite, unique exercise advice, etc). a control section (a website about female fashion using average-sized models). Participants completed one questionnaire assessing appearance beliefs before they viewed the website, they also completed a set of questionnaires assessing cognitions related to self-esteem and body-image pre- and post-website. Participants with disturbed body schemas experienced a significant drop in self-esteem but not in body image. The ‘Thinspiration’ condition had the largest impact on body-image of all the PAW conditions. Findings suggest that occasional short-term viewing of PAWs is not likely to have major negative effect on young women with normal appearance schema.