Need help with my writing homework on The Diamond Age Analysis by Neal Stephenson. Write a 2250 word paper answering; The observation that science fiction has two dimensions in its nature will form the basis of the analysis of the text The Diamond Age, from this point of view. These two dimensions are usually the world of fantasy and the world of reality. Neal Stephenson, the author of this text, achieves the capturing of these two dimensions.The first dimension that concerns the world of fantasy focuses on the learning of essential concepts valuable for the survival of individuals in Victorian society. A young girl of a lower tribe class learns with the Young Lady’s Primer with the objective of surviving in this society. The Young Lady’s Primer, however, was not initially designed for the use by the people it is being used by but had rather been designed for Finkle-McGraw’s granddaughter, Elizabeth. Its use by other people resulted from the Engineer’s fault. Hackworth, the engineer of the Young Lady’s Primer, decides to have a copy for his daughter named Fiona, which is not as agreed between him and the ‘Equity Lord’. There are several copies of it further after it is stolen ending up in with Nell which forces Hackworth to make a third copy after losing the other one. This explains how Nell gets the Young Lady’s Primer, which essentially the beginning of the unfolding of major events in the text.The text The Diamond Age presents a conflict in which Hackworth is caught up in a dilemma. This is when he opposes the employment of the Seed. He has feared the consequences which would occur because of its wrong usage if its use is allowed to the general population.Typically this conflict exists concerning the employment of some of the technology that exists in the contemporary world. There could be great dangers associated with the use of certain technologies which means&nbsp.that the stability that exists could be profoundly altered if their use is allowed. Thus, there are regulations that certain technologies be used by certified specialists who can be trusted to observe the restrictions set within which the technologies can be employed.&nbsp. This is the same point of view that Hackworth argues from. that the ordinary people if allowed to employ the use of the Seed, could ambitiously abuse it by the construction of Nano weapons thus threatening the stability of the society.&nbsp.