Topic #4
Explain the criticism of the ethics of prenatal screening that has been offered from perspective of people with disabilities. Do you agree or disagree with this perspective? Why or why not? This question asks you to examine the worries that people with disabilities have about the way in which prenatal screening is currently offered in our culture and to take a position on whether you are persuaded by any of their arguments. The thesis of your paper should therefore be either “people with disabilities have legitimate worries about the way in which prenatal screening is handled in our culture” or “the worries of people with disabilities about the way in which prenatal screening is handled in our culture can be answered.” The rest of your paper should provide an argument that defends whatever thesis you choose.
The following readings are relevant to this topic: Gareth Thomas, “Un/Inhabitable Worlds”; Madeo et. al, “The Relationship between the Genetic Counseling Profession and the Disability Community: A Commentary”; and Patricia Bauer “Reaching across the Disability Divide.” Although these articles are not about prenatal screening directly, you will also want to consider arguments offered in Hentoff, Nat, “The Awful Privacy of Baby Jane Doe” and Stubblefield, Anna. “’Beyond the Pale’: Tainted Whiteness, Cognitive Disability, and Eugenic Sterilization
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