Provide a 4 pages analysis while answering the following question: Apples iPhone Smartphone. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The launch of the iPhone was done in UK on June 29th 2007 amid great fanfare and customer expectations. The phone was touted as a hybrid cellphone-computer-mp3 player. It has all the dream features of a touch screen, with 3G technology, video camera recording, internet access through wifi, Bluetooth, mp3 player and GPS mapping. “It is not a phone, but a hand held multi-function device, one for a person on the move” was the message sent out by the company.In the internet based market, new applications are a premium market. The iPhone offers download features that are a great value addition to the customer. The market for mobile applications, or apps, will become “as big as the internet”, peaking at 10 million apps in 2020, a leading online store says.1Apple runs the most popular application store with more than 65,000 applications. There had been a record 1.5 billion downloads in July 2009.3G spectrum allows faster download of data, simultaneous transfer of both voice data (a telephone call) and non-voice data (such as downloading information, exchanging e-mail, and instant messaging. The highlight of 3G is video telephony. 4G technology stands to be the future standard of wireless devices2.When the customer does not need to carry a separate device for listening to radio, internet access, locating places on maps, communicating through audio-visuals and connecting to other mobile and non-mobile devices, definitely, the value addition can be measured in terms of millions of $ saved on these gadgets.A hand held magical device that acts as a screen for a bank account, a demat account, gives access to online shopping from across the world, brings the best of Utube and FM, helps people communicate and trade has added value not only on monetary terms, but also in terms of satisfaction for the customer.Customer Support Genius BarThese are set up at all retail stores to help customers troubleshoot any problems they may face. The customer support workers are professionals thoroughly trained in the working of Mac, iPod, Apple TV, and iPhone. There’s little they don’t know about Apple products3. An appointment can be fixed over the internet at the local Apple store.Download SupportThe iPhone comes with download support for a user guide complete with troubleshooting hints, syncing with other phones, enabling MMS.Thus, help is at hand for both offshore and onshore problems. The website gives clear instructions on getting help at every step, whether for setting up the iPhone or downloading complicated data from websites.Discussion ForumsDiscussion forums have been set up by the company for people to exchange their ideas and experiences while using the iPhone. This would be very handy for the customer as simple problems could be solved by interacting with other iPhone users.New partnerships with technology partners New products open up new markets and avenues for partnerships with both service providers and customers. The iPhone has brought about a revolution in the way a phone is used. It has opened business channels for various parties.