Question 1Read the following entry about Jenny Holzer on the Guggenheim web page.  Jenny Holzer Untitled (Selections from Truisms, Inflammatory Essays, The Living Series, The Survival Series, Under a Rock, Laments, and Child Text) (Links to an external site.)What are the impacts of Jenny Holzer’s strategy in placing surprising texts where normal signage is expected? Select two.A. It gives Holzer an access to a large public that otherwise might not give art any consideration.B.  It allows the artist to undermine forms of power and control that often go unnoticed. C. The signs protest capitalism. D. The text is used to teach a lesson to children.Question 2  The Stonehenge Replica at UTPB in Odessa, TX is a(n)_____________of the Stonehenge in England.  A.  installationB.  sculpture C. adaptation D. public artQuestion 3 Considering the location of the text what is the best way to appreciate Holzer’s work in the Van Der Rohe building in Berlin? *Refer to the Jenny Holzer video in Module 2 for this question.*A,  Lie down on the floor.B.  Stand up and stare aboveC. . Bend over. D. Run around.Question 4 Who does Krzysztof Wodiczko interview for Tijuana? A. Working class females in the Mexico/US border towns B, Border town children C. Middle-class latina females in the US D. Families from across Latin AmericQuestion 5  What is the projection surface Krzysztof Wodiczko (b. 1943) often uses for his large scale projections in order to tell stories of individuals? A. large amphitheatres B. a mobile phoneC.  large civic buildings or monumentsQuestion 6 Watch the following video Holzer in Protest (Start at the 40-minute mark, and you will first have to watch a PBS program ad before accessing this clip.), and answer the remaining questions. (FYI:  A link to the video can also be found in the lecture.)Jenny Holzer writes her own text?Group of answer choices True FalseQuestion 7Name of the artist:———————Type of line used:———————(Note: This image is directly from the lecture. Spelling and terminology must be correct for full points. No partial points will be given.)Question 8 Which art medium does Holzer NOT utilize?*Refer to the Jenny Holzer video in Module 2 for this question.*A.  paintingB.  projectionC.  LED signageD.  screen printQuestion 9 An illusion that gives the impression of line where there is no continuous mark is called a(n) _____________ ________________.(two words)————————————-Question 10 Which is INCORRECT about the Solomon G. Guggenheim Museum?A. It is known for its spiraling atrium. B. It was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. C. It epitomizes the spirit of 20th-century architecture. D. It is an example of historical European architecture.Question 11 Jenny Holzer makes her text short and with bold type so that*Refer to the Jenny Holzer video in Module 2 for this question.*A. the message does not get censored.B.  the viewers can grasp the message quickly. C. no one can remember the message. D. she can memorize the message by heart.