question1:  Find the interest paid on a loan of $1,200 for three years at a simple interest rate of 5% per year.How much money will you pay after three years?

Find the maturity value of a loan of $1,750 for 28 months at 9.8% simple interest per year.

Find the simple interest rate of a loan of $5,000 that is made for three years and requires $1,762.50 in interest.

A loan of $16,840 is borrowed at 9% simple interest and is repaid with $4,167.90 interest. What is the duration of the loan?

How much money is borrowed if the interest rate is 9.25% simple interest and the loan is made for 3.5 years and has $904.88 interest?

Find the ordinary and exact interest for a loan of $1000 at a 5% annual interest rate. The loan was made on March 15 and is due May 15.

Find the bank discount and proceeds using ordinary interest for a loan to Michelle Anders for $7,200at 8.25% annual simple interest from August 8 to November 8.

What is the effective interest rate of a simple discount note for $8,000, at an ordinary bank discount rate of 11%, for 120 days?

Depending on the issuer, a typical credit card agreement quotes an interest rate of 18 percent APR. Monthly payments are required. What is the actual interest rate you pay on such a credit card?

Find the effective interest rate for a loan of $3,500 at 10% interest compounded quarterly.

Find the future value of a $15,000 money market investment at 2.8% annual interest compounded daily for three years.

Jamie Juarez needs $12,000 in 10 years for her daughter’s college education. How much must be invested today at 2% annual interest compounded semiannually to have the needed funds?

A loan of $8,000 for two acres of woodland is compounded quarterly at an annual rate of 6% for five years. Find the compound amount and the compound interest.