I will upload a research paper/essay rough draft that you need to revise and add two additional pages.
Please add your thoughts to the topic such as: How we can prevent it? What are the best treatments? What is the main reason? Your ideas and thoughts based on your research.
Also you need to make thesis clear and specific (not vague and general) and pick the main argument(s)/treatment(s) or cause(s) you want to concentrate on the essay. The essay should have an argument that someone can disagree with not the general statement as “depression is a problem” etc. Please be very specific and clear. Make better connection between the paragraphs/sources, it should not be just one source after another. The essay has to be well structured and with a good transition from one paragraph to another.
You can use 2-3 more sources in addition to those that I have on the rough draft, but they have to be ONLY from Refworks. Account User name: Nancy1234 Password:123456

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Posted on May 19, 2016Author TutorCategories Question, Questions