I need my in APA formatting with proper citation, reference, doi number, please check for grammar and spelling
Chamberlain College of Nursing NR-504 Leadership/Nursing Practice
Discussion-The Beliefs of the Nurse Executive Impact on an Organization (graded)
Describe how the ethics, values, and beliefs of the nurse executive can impact the organization and the organization outcomes.
This week you will describe how ethics, values, and beliefs, of the nurse executive, can impact the organization and the organization outcomes.
Course Outcomes
5 Incorporate professional role development, values, and ethical principles into the role of the nurse leader in education and healthcare systems. (PO #2, 5, 10)
Weekly Objectives
Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of a root cause analysis versus developing a solution for a problem.
Discuss the interconnectedness between ethics and the mission of an organization.
Porter-O’Grady, T., & Malloch, K. (2015). Quantum leadership: Building better partnerships (4th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett.
•Chapter 9: Healing Brokenness: Error as Opportunity
•Chapter 12: Coaching for Unending Change: Transforming the Membership Community (Review)
•Chapter 14: Sustaining the Spirit of Leadership: Becoming a Living Leader
Denny, D., & Guido, G. (2012). Undertreatment of pain in older adults: An application of beneficence.Nursing Ethics, 19(6) 800–809.
Fetzer, S. (2012). In my opinion: David’s lesson. New Hampshire News, 3.
American Nurses Association. (2015). Code of ethics for nurses with interpretive statements. New York: Author.
Brassington, I. (2012, April). The concept of autonomy and its role in Kantian ethics. Cambridge Quarterly Health Ethics. 21(2):166–76. doi: 10.1017/S0963180111000673.
Guido, G.W. (2006). Legal and ethical issues in nursing (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson
Page or paragraph numbers must be included with quotes per APA. See APA re how to format references and in-text citations i.e. capitalization issues and use of the ampersand versus the word (“and”).
Including at least one in-text citation and matching reference.
Check for grammar and spellings
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