Business Concepts

Activity 1: Corporate Structure and Strategy

Organizational cultures is a set of beliefs and norms that bring the employees in an organization together in attaining common goals. Corporate culture has to be aligned to the strategy. Failure of the alignment of the organizational culture to strategy leads to costs (Hohenberg & Homburg 2016, p.134). In addition, it leads to low motivation with the workers. At Walmart, hierarchy culture is seen whereby items are arranged according to importance. This is to ensure that each strategy at each hierarchy matches the policy. The alignment is critical to ensure that the focus is emphasized (Hohenberg & Homburg 2016, p.164). Walmart can set each department with a strategy such that when all strategies are brought to the table, there is the strategic priority in the process. Thus, one prime strategy ends up guiding all the other strategies to bring the competitive advantage we see at Walmart.

Activity 2: Definition of culture

Organizational culture is established beliefs and norms that bring people together in accomplishing the objectives of the society (Hohenberg & Homburg 2016, p.144). Culture differs in the definition because people have different norms and attitudes. People in the different setting have the dissimilar view of culture. This is because different people have different norms and taboos. The definition of good and bad varies within cultures. Some argue that it is the way people integrate into life. On the other hand, some argue it is a method of interaction (Dempsey 2015, p.163). I tend to agree with the definition that corporate culture is the way people integrate into life. It is what define one is doing in a particular society.

Activity 3: Corporate culture instilled in HRM practices and customer satisfaction

Zappos is paying new employees to quit since they are said unable to deliver excellent services unless their employees new committed to the values of the firm (Perschel 2010, p.345). Building a culture-based company is relevant in ensuring that the workforces are dedicated to the values of the firm. Thus, building a culture-based firm entails developing commitments in organizations. Therefore, it has been the norm at organizations, which revolve around bringing commitment in their operations. The action of paying employees to quit is a serious endeavor by a firm indicating that its quest is to promote the delivering of quality products (Perschel 2010, p.345). Thus, companies such as Walmart and Woolworths can utilize the strategy to deal with commitment issues revolving them. The companies would see that in the end, there would be increased employee motivation and productivity. This would increase sales and profit progressively.

Activity 4: Toyota’s corporate culture

MTS Steven Spear Seven give that the organizational dimensions of Toyota’s corporate culture are innovation and risk taking. Innovation and risk taking indicate that the firm is always trying new projects. These projects are risky, and most of them end up failing (Tsukada 2013, p.121). The business has the courtesy to detail. Courtesy to detail indicates that the firm is on toes to every information in the market. This enables it to identify the gaps in the service provision. Notably, the third element is that it is customer oriented. The position of the customer in the organization is given priority (Tsukada 2013, p.127). The concerns of the consumers are taken with emphasis. Furthermore, the corporation is result oriented. The results are used to measure the level of quality. If the end is good, then the firm is satisfied that the means are better. The fifth aspect is it that heartens teamwork. Teamwork or group is heavily entrenched at Toyota. Teams are formed to ensure there is a holistic address of a business phenomenon. The teams are effective since effective leaders lead them. The sixth element is that it is agile in bringing the products to the consumers (Dempsey 2015, p.167). The company ensures that the market is supplied with the products on time. In addition, Toyota sees that the complaints are addressed effectively and on time. The final dimension is constancy. Consistency, in this case, implies that the firm is always constant in the way they handle employees and customers.

Activity 5: Culture web and its use in practical in Call Centre

Culture web model by Johnson and Scholes is pertinent in changing the corporate culture as compared to other theories. One theory it can be compared with is the theory of planned behavior. This is because the repetitive behaviors the members of the organization display dictate how they perform activities in the organization. The repetitive behaviors also indicate how the employees interact with one another. Johnson and Scholes’ model is crucial in changing the corporate culture since it takes the culture become clear about the goal of the firm (Stanislavov & Ivanov 2014, p.134). It also enables the culture to reduce the number of initiatives to focus on completing efforts. In a Call Centre, every worker is expected to interact with the others freely. No one is expected to command the other. The authority comes from the heads. The hierarchy dictates the distribution of power in the organization such that every effort to assist the organization is addressed effectively.

Activity 5: Milligram Experiment

According to the experiment, one is capable of inflicting real pain on another pain depending on the intensity of authority. The experiment also shows how coercion can bring obedience. The level of coercion can force one to inflict much pain on another individual. The test is important in showing the extent at which members of the society can behave when forced. Some of the forcing elements can be careers and poverty. These factors can force anyone to do what it takes to succeed (Miller 2014, p.134). It also applies to organizations. For instance, if a firm wants to kick it another business in the market, it can indulge in cut throat competition, which can cause the company to bleed economically to extinction. This is because the weaker party cannot be Able to compete with the bigger ones.