In the sciences and academic fields, a research proposal is a document that shows the aim and objectives of a research project. Contents of a research proposal should always answer how the research was done, how long it took to make the proposal and the amount used. It should also state the effect the research proposal will have in your learning institution, and how your results will impact the field you specialize in and other students. The following are contents of research proposals and example of a well-written research proposal.

The Title should be concise and relevant. Though just a few lines, the title of the proposal carry so much weight and greatly influence the text of your proposal. The title should give an insight of the proposal.

An ideal abstract should be less than 300 words. The purpose of the abstract is to summarize the whole proposal. Abstracts and thesis statements are different as the former gives a general summary, while you give your opinion or views concerning the topic discussed in the latter. A good abstract should highlight the purpose of the subject you are writing about, elaborate on the methods used, explain your results and have a conclusion.

An excellent research proposal has the table of contents with clearly defined chapters. The chapters should at least be in the following order; Introduction, Literature Review, and Methodology. Each chapter has a mini introduction. This prepares the reader for the content and the discussions in the chapter. The introduction should not be too complex. An easy to understand introduction will guide the reader as they read through the proposal. The literature Review needs to expound on the understanding of the literature on the subject in the research proposal. An example of a well-written research proposal is that which has literature and research questions which are at least 2 to 4 years old from the date they were cited. The methodology should include data collection methods like interviews and surveys, measurement of key variables and the study population if necessary.

The list of references should be written at the very end of the document. Remember to add the title”References” for clarity purposes. The style used in citing research proposals varies from discipline to discipline. Be consistent with the style you choose to use in your proposal. The most popular method used to cite sources in the social science discipline is the APA (American Psychological Association) format. Use the most recent version of this format style.

Note down every expense you incurred when coming up with the content in the research proposal. Explain how each item in the budget came to be and what the total cost was. Include any other extra fund that could have been added.
Contents of research proposals should at no point be plagiarized. Lifting content from sources without crediting them is criminal. A good example of a written research proposal is that which has original content. Any graphics, tables, drawings or media should not be used if the source is not credited. Also, remember to use impeccable grammar as this will give the reader an easy time.