Write 7 pages with APA style on David Reimer Case. You may be born as a male or female. Another important factor that should be noticed is that sexuality does not determine the gender of a person it is actually the gender that determines what kind of sexuality a person will have.May be a stage came when you lost your personhood and became inhuman. This is the stage when you fall into the category of people who are living unlivable life. Have you ever thought why sometime we compare a person with an animal You might have heard a word “inhuman” or have heard someone saying around you or in news that he/she has done an inhuman act and had disgraced humanity and then people commenting that the certain person is not human we can’t call him human after what he did. Didn’t you ThinkWe do so when a person did any cruel, brutal or nasty act.A human being is said to be human because he has feelings, emotions, power to make decisions, to think and when he make a decision that is inhuman somehow, while having all his senses in order is said to be inhuman. Once you create such image in society people will start avoiding you and one day you will realize that you don’t have any social life. Man is said to be a social animal and when you lost your sociality what else will remain .an animal. So we can also say that it is one of the symptoms that will make you think where are you standing What is your social status How are you being recognized Whether you are known as person or a human According to author,” A life for which no categories of recognition exist is not a livable life, so a life for which those categories constitute unlivable constraints is not an acceptable option”. What comes next important to humanness, whether it is sexual difference or racial and ethnic differences In this regard Butler says that “those who believe that sexual difference are no more primary then racial and ethnic differences are right”. In order to prove her statement she says that rapists or one night sperm donors can’t be called “fathers” in social sense. Such person is called accused not a father.Keeping all the things mentioned above just think for a while about a person who doesn’t know his identification, whether he is a male or a female This is what exactly happened with the hero of Butler’s book named, David. We have mentioned above that a person is born to be a man or women and then comes being human or inhuman but what about a person who even don’t know about his gender. One, who is born as a boy, brought up as a girl and again started living as a boy, a person who has lived both genders, what would be his feelings, was his life livable Being human or inhuman is far away in such cases, a person kept on fighting to make his recognition, to make his status in society.