You will prepare and submit a term paper on Investigation of Crytolocker: Trace Analysis With Wireshark and Windows 2003 Server. Your paper should be a minimum of 4500 words in length. These include PayPal scams, advertisements that are run on the internet, and people deceived on winning fake lotteries, the fake inheritance scams as well as the eBay scams (Richard, 2013).One factor that is worth noting is that they are developed so that the promiscuous persons can solicit some money from the people with the computers that have been affected by the virus. There are various computers that are at risk especially those that are operating certain programs in virtual reality. These include the apple and Linux computers. Another set of vulnerable computers are those that are using Windows Vista, XP 2, Windows 7, and 8 while the other two computers mentioned earlier are affected by windows 8.1. It s software that gets into a computer system and then bars the owner of the computer from accessing the services or the system until a ransom is paid (Kevin, 2012).This software, therefore, does the encoding of data and therefore there is the only access to the information by the authorized people. It is also used on websites. A good example of this kind of application is the case in the banking industry whereby there is the use of the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP). The image below shows the data encryption process (Richard, 2013).It is important to highlight that the virtual servers allow one box to execute several virtual images. Every operating system can manage its own without any system support from the prior installed operations system. This could be seen in the former eras whereby one windows server 2000 could support the operation of Windows 2003 besides others such as Linux, Each managing its applications. In setting up the virtual image, below are therefore considered as necessities that have to be there: (Kevin, 2012).i. GSX server:-the licensing of this product for the case of a two-processor machine begins from $3025. This is so because the product can withstand the number of Central Processing Units (CPU) that can operate&nbsp.up to 64GB of the virtual machine.