You will prepare and submit a term paper on Using Expository Text in the Secondary Classroom. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. In middle school classrooms, expository texts play a pivotal role in developing various learning skills of the involved students. The expository texts have their application in middle school classrooms in a number of ways. The teachers in the middle school make use of expository texts in building the nonfiction texts’ comprehension in their students. Language arts are very useful in the application of expository texts in the middle-class classrooms. The students read materials such as memoirs, new articles as well as autobiographies with expository texts. With the teacher’s guidance, the students identify the texts an aspect that greatly helps them in comprehending the nonfiction texts (LeMaster, 2009).&nbsp.The teachers in the middle school under language and arts make use of the expository texts to build their student’s reading abilities. The middle school teachers work with their students and help them in making inferences, analyzing content and drawing conclusions from the expository texts. For example, students as a goal should be able to predict the content of a feature story in a magazine after having a survey of the story’s title, subheadings or the photo captions that go with that text. The students should then develop questions that they expect that text to answer. As they read the text, the students should discover the key ideas and crucial details in the text. In the text, students should establish the author’s intentions for writing the text. They should also determine the writer’s attitude concerning the subject (Moss & Lapp, 2010).The expository texts have their application in the content area classrooms of the middle school. The content area classes include social and science studies. In science classes, for example, students may learn about the cells and the main objective would be describing how the cell membranes permit some molecules to go through while others&nbsp.get blocked.