Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on globalization, international manufactures and service providers. Therefore, globalization connects people and tends to manipulate activities, especially in the economic perspectives to have a common objective. Additionally, globalization promotes the sharing of resources across the globe. Globalization examines operations of various institutions. Besides, economic and religious perspectives, with regards on how to build the world society, necessitate globalization. The main purpose of globalization is to control the problems that the world today faces especially in dealing with the environment and inequality. Therefore, the study of globalization encourages connection of people from different and diverse areas, to come together and solve some of the main problems in the world today. This is done through sharing of trade activities and promotion of equality in terms of resources. On the other hand, international managers facilitate promotion of globalization. They negotiate alliances, deal with the government officials and motivate diverse workforce (Betty& Oded, 2004, p 478). Therefore, managers play a central function in regulating globalization across the globe.